Friday, February 6, 2009

Butterfly Rest Stop

We found a promising letterbox clue for one located nearby in a beautiful park in Carmichael, California, so we packed up the gear and the Boxhound and off we went to find it! The instructions were quite clear and, on this particular winter's day, the sky was blue and it was gorgeous. We saw deer grazing on the hike, as well as flocks of wild turkeys and other wildlife. It was one of the most beautiful nature hikes I have had opportunity to take in quite some time.

Sadly, once we got to what was certainly the correct location, the letterbox was gone. The little preserve where this particular box was hidden is monitored closely by park rangers, and I suspect that they did not approve of this incursion on their little slice of paradise. This does not change the fact that this was a beautiful walk, and, if you are in the neighborhood, I highly recommend a visit to where the Butterfly Rest Stop used to be!