Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Garmin Oregon 400t

I am diverting from my chosen topic of letterboxing for a brief detour into the realm of geocaching. As I mentioned elsewhere, geocaching is a sibling sport to letterboxing, the main difference being that geocaching leverages modern technology in the form of a Global Positioning System (GPS) device rather than the old-fashioned clues and compass readings. Personally, I am an old fashioned kind of guy, and I like old stuff. And compasses. As a result, letterboxing is my outdoor activity of choice. I am also something of a wannabe technoscentus, and I love playing with new tech toys, so I can hardly resist the urge to spend a chunk of change on a GPS unit, if for no other reason but to have it. I would probably use it in the car far more than in the field, but no matter. I want one.

The consensus of the geocaching cognoscenti (I am into my Latin roots today, it seems), one GPS unit is pretty much as good as the next, when it comes to geocaching. There are, of course, slight preferances one way and another for various units. Generally, Garmin is considered the choice for the brand, as the maps are more reliable and the units are, perhaps, of slightly better quality. The Garmin Oregon 400t is considered by many to be the current state of the art for geocachers. This device is a delight. It has all kinds of high-tech features to be found on sundry Garmin instruments, and, perhaps most importantly, it supports wirelessly! After you have found your geocach of the day, you can immediately move onto your next conquest without getting to your Internet connection and loading the next set of instructions. You may, instead, just have your 400t take care of it for you, and you are on your way!

Ok I will admit, there is a certain possibility that I don't actually need this device, but, I really want one.

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